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Proyecto Matria, una organización sin fines de lucro 501c3. Trabaja con el Apoderamiento económico y Desarrollo Económico como herramienta para combatir la violencia machista.

To support the development and self-sufficiency of women and LGBTTQ+ people in Puerto Rico by offering housing and economic development alternatives and comprehensive services in areas such as education, psychosocial support, the incubation of micro-businesses, and the offering of micro-credit services, so that they overcome situations of violence and discrimination based on gender and can exercise their right to a life free of violence and full of individual achievements.


Consistent with that mission, Proyecto Matria, a 501 C3 nonprofit organization, operates a network of services throughout Puerto Rico.

Matria's innovative approach transcends the welfare vision of people as victims and offers services committed to their needs, their full human development, and the development of their own and permanent capacity for their self-sufficiency and independence.


Manage the self-sustaining empowerment and human and economic development of survivors of gender-based violence or very low-income women head of households. Facilitate the incubation and viability of community micro-enterprises led by empowered women, LGBTTIQ+ people, and people from communities stricken by disasters. Provide and facilitate transitional housing opportunities leading to permanent housing for survivors of gender-based violence and their children. Build capacity through training and job placement for very low-income survivors of gender-based violence or heads of households. Provide support services to overcome the impediments faced by survivors of gender-based violence or very low-income heads of families to achieve economic, occupational, and educational mobility (childcare, transportation, tuition payments, psychological services, and other services vital). Provide microcredits to diverse people with negative credit histories for the development of business activities. Promote public policies and multisector alliances in favor of community economic development and equity for diverse populations.


The foundation of all of our services is a comprehensive approach to women's/LGBTTIQ+ empowerment, training, emotional stabilization, articulation of short- and long-term goals, and coordinated access to support services (health, legal, etc.) based on a 360° analysis of their particular needs.


This is the basic platform for participants to achieve at least one of the following goals: successfully train in a trade, manage a self-employment opportunity, develop a micro-business, or get a viable job. This process includes workshops on emotional empowerment, training in business skills, and leadership development. They are provided with a support system that enables economic benefits such as the reimbursement of child care and transportation expenses while they study, and the payment of training and study materials.

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