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About us?


La Ruta de las Mujeres, es a project of social and political empowerment aimed at educating women from all over the Island so that they learn about the electoral and political processes and develop skills to effectively insert themselves into the themselves. The initiative arose from Proyecto Matria in 2010. As of 2020, an alliance was created with Equidad 2020, an initiative of CABE (Broad Committee for the Search for Equity).

Meet Our Team


In alliance with CABE and other non-profit organizations, we have a work group of more than 50 volunteers of all ages who have made a commitment to collaborate in one of the four work committees: content, workshops, research, networks and media. 

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What do we do?

We educate voters on how to make a more informed, conscious and equitable vote. We seek to support all those warriors for equity in the different processes of political participation. We will be offering:


  • Educational campaign in networks on electoral processes.

  • Virtual and face-to-face workshops (with COVID-19 security measures) for political empowerment.

  • Micro workshops in live format on FB on specific topics (Wednesdays 6pm and Sundays 5pm)

  • Research with a gender perspective and human rights of the different people aspiring to political positions and their party platforms.

  • Development of proposals for candidates. 

  • Reaction panels to debates.
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