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Sector Miraflores, Orocovis

Puerto Rico

It is a disaster recovery project founded in 2017 after Hurricane María by Proyecto Matria in Miraflores Community, Saltos neighborhood, Orocovis.

Develop the capacities of the community to advance their community economic development and guarantee access to human rights while recovering from Hurricane María and strengthening their response capacity for future events.


A Miraflores with development opportunities for its children and youth, safe spaces to work, have time for leisure and manage wellness initiatives.

Work areas

We work from love, solidarity and hope to achieve a Puerto Rico in which women can be born, grow and live in peace. A country in which everyone has full access to the enjoyment of their human rights and manages to develop their human capacities to the maximum. Equity will be the best antidote to gender-based violence and will have a multiplier effect on the welfare of all.Desarrollo Económico, Participación ciudadana y Gobernanza. 

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