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Public Policy Program

About us?


La Ruta de las Mujeres is a social and political empowerment project aimed at educating women from all over the Island so that they know closely the electoral and political processes and develop skills to effectively insert themselves into them.

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What do we do?

  • Educational campaigns on governance, political participation and elections.

  • Virtual and face-to-face workshops on political empowerment.

  • Micro workshops in Facebook Live format on current issues.

  • Development of government action proposals that are submitted to candidates from all parties.

  • Papers and Memorials to present in Legislative processes


Case Manager at Gaia Program


Las mujeres hablan:

Propuestas y

Reclamos a los

partidos políticos 2024

Case Manager en 

Segundo Informe negativo PS693- Addendum 

Comunicado de
prensa- Las mujeres


50+ organizaciones advierten:

Análisis de Programas de Gobierno 2020

Piden a los partidos políticos acoger propuestas para adelantar derechos humanos

Propuestas y reclamos a partidos políticos

La Ruta de las Mujeres

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